Rock your Maternity Session | Simple Tips

I have had so many clients ask me this year how to have an awe-inspiring, whimsical maternity session.  Here are just a few tips that I have for ladies preparing for this..

  • Maternity sessions aren't just for first pregnancies.  You obviously love each one of your children, why not document this special time with each one!
  • These sessions aren't just for mommy!  If baby has older siblings, be sure to include them in the photos.  It's a great time to snag some amazing family shots while celebrating this special new life.
  • Laugh your way through the session.  There is nothing more beautiful than happy faces!  Let your family know in advance that the goal is to have a great time and make happy memories.
  • Wear simple or plain clothing with elaborate details that are delicate.   Don't overwhelm with bold stripes.  Bold colors are great, stripes can be harsh and widen the look of your figure.  Floor length maxi dresses are incredibly comfortable, and photograph beautifully.  
  • Make sure you schedule your photos at the right time of day.  The golden hour before sunset is ideal, but early weekend mornings are lovely also.  
  • Location, location, location.  Choose a spot that suits your style.  Love the city?  Take photos at your favorite spots (bakery, cafe, alley ways, corner stores.)  Love the country? (barns, corn cribs, fields, mountain streams, river beds).  Find spots that resonate with your personal passions and style.
  • Bring props with meaning.  Tiny shoes that baby will wear, heirloom pieces, hand-me-downs from a special family member...  Bring things that reflect how special this baby is to your family.  Including potential baby names is also a fun way to document the name you have chosen for your sweetie.
  • And above all else, JUST HAVE FUN.  If you are having fun, it will show.  Photos shouldn't be stressful!

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