Rachel's A Senior. Sneak Peek!

Tis' the Season for... Costumes!!

Our kiddos in an early costume preview.

loved dressing them up and taking their pics today.  so fun.


Maddox H. - 3 Months

This wasn't actually a photo session, lol. This is the little man I babysit for, and I have (ahem) a small problem with NOT picking up the camera.  It's nearly impossible not to photograph every waking moment this child has, he's cute stuff!  In fact- read his shirt- he's "whaley" cute.

this one melts me.  so adorable.
 serious face here, so precious.  

 a fall photo...

 love the colors on this one.
 what a pumpkin.
 he's looking at me here debating whether or not the camera is part of my arm.  you know, since he sees it so much, he's not sure.
 oh the adorable-ness.  if that's not a word, it should be.
maddox, you will melt the heart of many..


Our Nephew, Maddox Bower. Almost 6 Months.

I had the pleasure of taking pics of our nephew yesterday. 
 Here he is in his adorable suit.  Love those big eyes.

 looking at that handsome baby in the mirror!

" Hey there..."
 "you're a good lookin' kid."
 "aw, shucks, i know."
 is this what they call "stink eye"?  Is he telling Aunt Carrie he's tired of pictures?


 Love the lip.

 Ohhhh the cuteness.  LOVE THIS ONE.


Anna and Bryan's Wedding

Anna and Bryan's Wedding...  I had so much trouble picking which ones to post, it was painful to narrow it down this far.  So many romantic photos.  Love them all.....

 Love the boots!

 heart melted, love this sunset photo.......

 moonlight kiss?

 so fun, i love all of these! 
 what a sweet family.