I had someone confess to me the other day that they wanted portraits of their pet, but were too embarassed to ask if I take pet photos.. OF COURSE I take Pet photos!!
(And for those of you who are shy, Not all pics I take make it on the blog- just let me know what your preference is.) :) I only have four sessions on the books for spring, so if you want some pics done before June, let me know, and we'll save the date.


I'd like to Thank the Photo Ladies at Walmart. (for making my day)

Upon trying to pick up my Maddie princess photos I was met head on with two ladies who didn't want to sell them to me because they were concerned that I was printing copyrighted photographer material. I thanked them graciously, told them all about my website, and then emerged from the photo dept the victor! But I'd like to thank those ladies for making my day. :)



I am officially taking photo appointments again, now that I am no longer on restrictions for the pregnancy. So, if you're interested, please don't hesitate to email.

And for the appointments I had to cancel, we are back on- name the date ! ;)


Princess Madelyn Rose.