Lexy: Funny Girl.

Some cute pics of our niece, Lexy. She's a funny, sweet little thing!

Just a few of the many adorable faces of Lexy. ;)


Crysta: Candid Cutie

While editing these, I realized that Crysta looks just like one of those little Victorian era girls in the paintings you see. She has that perfect complexion and those adorable waves. She's a porcelain doll come to life! Smiling at mommy thru the window

Giving the camera a funny face.

Joshua: CUTE ALERT! Caution: Hearts May Melt.

From the very day he was born, this kid has been melting hearts. He is ADORABLE. Every picture was a favorite, so- I forced myself to only post a couple- otherwise your browser would refuse to load.


Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful beginning to the new year, and we hope your family has too! Thank you for continuing to visit this site!