Chasing Ava: 2 Year Pictures

It is a really good thing that Amy and John aren't set on "posed" photos because there aren't any of those here. lol. I spent the entire photo shoot CHASING Ava, literally. I followed her on the playground equipment, through tunnels, under bridges! She is an amazing 2 year old, she has no fears, she's willing to try anything, and she loves to climb! It's hard to believe she's only 2, she has the coordination and smarts of a much older child!

How much do you love this picture? I adore it.
Mommy daughter pics are my favorite! Exploring!!Peek! She thinks of these poses on her own!
Pretty girl!
I've been photographing Ava since she was a baby, it's hard to believe how fast she is growing up! Before long it will be time for her senior pictures!



Family Pics: Dan, Emily & Colby

this little man found his thumb during pics! ;) ADORABLE.He makes the cutest faces ever.Kisses from Mommy and DaddyOfficially the cutest little family I've seen all year. :)
And here are the happy grandparents! :)
A big thanks to these two for helping get the little one's attention during the shoot! :)


Senior Pics: Jessi - Class of '10

I had a really hard time choosing favorites this time. Jessi's pics stunned me when I pulled them up for editing. This girl is truly beautiful inside and out. See for yourself:She has an adorable habit of talking with her hands which is classic Jessi so I had to capture that in one of the pics. Graduation Invitation sample, I'm hoping she likes this,
I added the piano on there since she has an awesome gift for piano playing.


Dreblow Children: At the Park.

Baby LelaEthan showing his sister how to make a fish face. lol. Lela with Grandma Carole
Ethan loved the camera, his brother, however DID NOT. ;)James was shy and didn't like my big black camera one bit. Lela enjoying her first ride in a park swing.
Kisses from Grandma
Shy boy. Is he cute or what?!
I wish I could have gotten a perfect shot of all three together, perhaps we'll try again sometime. I may have to wear a feathery chicken suit to get the oldest to crack a smile though! Lol. I know my husband will want to be there to see that. (I'm just kidding by the way.... I don't really own a chicken suit.)