First Grade, Here She Comes! [Our Madelyn]

I guess you could say I'm partial (since I'm her mom), but I think she is one really adorable kid.

Sometimes she makes these half smiles though, and she looks like a teenager with an attitude. lol
This is a genuine smile, LOVE this one.

we had fun dressing her up and doing her hair for pics.

love this one too.

and this one...

she adores flowers

hard to believe my first baby is headed to first grade this year...


Senior Pics: Aaron, Session 2.

definite favorite.


It Doesn't Get Any Cuter Than: The Wetli Boys.

This little guy and his new baby brother are absolutely adorable..You're never too young to climb trees, right? Puppy love.


Aaron: Senior Pics

You might remember Aaron from a previous picture post (His brother Nathan's wedding)

Congrats, Aaron! Enjoy being a senior!


another favorite!