Stillabower & Begley Pics: Fun Family!

This is one fun family, I had a great time taking pics and laughing with them.
Note: Pictures are resized for faster loading.

Group photo

Girl Cooties!
Cute kids.

Lovin' this water fountain pic.

cute cousins!


Married!! Mr. and Mrs. Knochel

I am super excited to post these! Kelly and Nathan are an awesome couple, and we wish them the very best!

Here are some photos of their big day (in no particular order.)
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holding hands...

My favorite picture... She looks like Grace Kelly..

Kelly's lovely bridesmaids

another kiss on the cheek.

they were laughing because he said "you may now kiss your husband." a moment shared with Mom before the wedding

receiving line

this was a random picture that I really liked

Bride's family

exiting the church

Leaving in a Ford Cobra

wedding party

Coming down the aisle


her hair was absolutely gorgeous
and so was her dress!

they drew this in the room where she was getting ready

Beautiful bride!

lovin' the flowers!


we were disappointed to find that both fountains at St. Joe had been drained, but

they had fun pretending..

Nathan and Kelly make an adorable couple

they are definitely made for each other..

Groom's family

first dance as Mr. and Mrs.

Father daughter dance

All the lovely ladies showing off their moves at the reception

Groom's Extended family

That's all for now, thanks for checking out the previews!!