Our Kiddos.

Snowy fun!

Honegger Family

I love this family, so happy I can call them neighbors!


Jolly Little Maddox

Sweet Maddox feeling Jolly!


Canvas4Life Photo Contest!

Soooo excited to have won the Canvas4Life Photo Contest.  
Especially excited to share this with our daughter when she comes home from school today, since she's the main focus of the photo!!


Hannon Family

I don't want to post very many of these, since they are Christmas photos, I tend to let the client share those as a surprises, but I wanted to share a small peek.  

Sweet Olivia.

You might remember this gorgeous baby from this wedding I photographed a couple months ago.
Here is the ever adorable Olivia with her cat!

 what a doll
 love this one....


Family Photos! Getz, Vaughn & Family

I wish I weren't so terrible with last names!  I can never remember them!  Here are some pics from the Getz and Vaughn family, and the third couple, my biggest apologies for forgetting your last name!!  

Such a sweet little princess!

 The boys just loved her!!!  so sweet.


Austin, Senior from Mississippi

You would NOT believe the music this guy can make.  Pretty amazing!  

And, congrats to him on being a senior!

Love this shot..


Play it!
love this... 

love this...



Our Neighbors, the Payne Family.

It all started out with a posed photo, and then one more...

 and then we had two boys who didn't want to pose, so out came the tickling and jumping on the couch, followed by 1...2...3!!!!!!!!! As Mom and Dad jumped onto the couch.  I'd say these are some fun memories for sure.

 "You WANT me to jump on the couch???"
 wide angles make these two look pretty long legged, lol!  love this!!
 the only evidence of jumping in this one is that each of the boys have a hand up!  haha!
 Love it!!