Davenport Family Pics!

What a sweet family! Here they are with their dog, Jasper. Jasper looks so happy to have Kenzie near him. Aww! Love this one!
Mommy and Daughter

Daddy and his boys


Love this one!




Close up!

love the fall leaves in the background

awww, Karter!

such a cute family!!!


Two Cuties: Crysta and Joshua

Crysta looks like a baby doll come to life. I have never seen such blue eyes!

She's cute and she knows it.
Speaking of Cute- Here's Joshua. Love the drool, miss this age when my little guy was little toddler.

Lovin' the hat.

I caught Joshua having an "ET" moment lol

Crysta with Snickers

Love the bare feet and the boots.

kisses for little brother

silly goose.


Senior Pics: Hannah

I had so much fun taking these pics. Hannah is awesome- and the best part is that I can claim her as family! Here are some fun pics we took this past weekend!

love this serious face here. this background was so neat!

Hannah's puppy was absolutely adorable.

Cute pic, love this one of Hannah and her boyfriend, Max.

love this!


love this one too.

she has the BEST smile.

love this one!

Congrats, Hannah!!!!


Payne Family Pics!

Meet our neighbors, the Payne family.

Love, love, love this pic.


love this one too!

candid moment.

Hugs for Papa.

Dietrich definitely resembles his Dad!

Adler looks just like Momma.

so cute.


raking the yard with Papa
Love this expression

so cute together.

Jacob and Courtney just had their ten year wedding anniversary this month!

What a blessed family!