Anna & Karina: Mommy - Daughter Pics

Taking pics for Anna and Karina is always a joy.  They have a very special mommy daughter bond that is obvious to anyone who sees them.  Here are some fun pics from the park.  Please excuse my new blogger formatting issues.  I'm dealing with some resizing difficulties, but I'll figure out the new dashboard soon.  ; )

Ava: Almost 4!

Ava will be celebrating her fourth birthday very soon.  This should come as no surprise to me since I have been photographing her since she was a baby- but somehow the time has flown by without me noticing!
Look what a sweet little lady she has grown to be!  Love this girl! : )

a favorite photo here 

 such a cutie pie!


Jake's a Senior!

Congrats to Jake on being a senior! Here are a few pics we took at St. Joe.


Crysta. AKA: Princess Crysta Cupcake. Featuring- Joshua!

Crysta didn't want to smile for pics so I made up a new nickname to set those smiles free! Introducing Princess Crysta Cupcake, the brightest polka dotted cupcake girl you will ever meet!

Love this smile!

Little brother Joshua jumped up for a pic!
love this sepia outdoor pic of Crysta.

so cute.

she has a very sunny personality.

pickin' posies.

Love this silly face!
so sweet in this adorable dress!


love this one too!

: )


Who is Cute as a Button? Paige is!!

I almost can't handle this much cuteness. Seriously, Paige, you're adorable!

Proof of my above statement.

Love this outfit and headband!!!egg! Paige with her Momma.

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paige: " Come here you pretty widdle flower, I'm gonna eat you."

awwwwwwwwwww. love this.

so sweet.

love this too...

baby Paige with her baby in the basket.

Checking out that baby in the mirror.

love that sunshine!

What a sweetheart!