Kishton Family : Party of 3

The Kishton family is adorable!!!!!!! I normally don't post this many pictures, but I couldn't pick favorites. I just couldn't.. So here is a very large group of what I could actually force myself to narrow down. I love these!

Baby Grady's adorable lil' toes next to his parent's rings. More cute lil' toes!
He is one of the cutest little men i've ever seen!
now that's love.
love this pic!

love this one too!

what precious little smiles he gives his mommy and daddy
peek a boo, daddy!
he was so excited about trees!
Grady and his big blue eyes

Did I mention this kid is C-U-T-E?
Oh well, I guess I'll tell you again!
He's CUTE!


Adorable = Ava

For every child there seems to be a magic word that makes them smile sooo big and pay close attention to the camera. Today, for Ava- that special magic word was play-doh. When Play-doh got boring, I added different colors in front of it to spark the magic and make her smile. "Purple play-doh and Blue play-doh" got the biggest smiles.

Princess Ava!
here she is telling me that she has "one" dog at home- note the chubby lil' finger indicating one. how cute!

i have been photographing ava since she was just an itty bitty baby & out of all the hundreds of photos- this one is -by far- my Favorite!

awwwwwwwww! cute!


Carroll & Woods Family Photos

Shooting a family with mutliple children age four and under is always a challenge!
But it's a fun challenge!

I would like to post more but I'm having some blogger issues currently! Perhaps I'll get more listed tonight :)