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Thank you for visiting this site and taking an interest in my photos!

We wish you a very HAPPY New Year, filled with blessings & the love of the Lord!

XOXO, From my family to yours!

Favorite Greeting Card!!

Each year I am blessed with receiving cards from people I've taken photos for. This year the Conrad family sent me my favorite! So happy I had the opportunity to spend time with them this year and to capture some fun moments. They are a blessing to us!


Just Married: Tyler and Kirsten Cantrell

This Christmas Eve Wedding will be one I will remember forever. It was absolutely lovely! Here are some photos of the newly wed couple!

Adorable! I LOVE this picture!
Love this one too!

and this one!!

so cute with the finger on the nose...

it wouldn't be genuine Tyler and Kirsten if we didn't have a funny photo!

Loved watching this!! He was ringing the church bell. Such a lovely sound on a special day!

looking in the mirror.


in front of the Christmas tree

Kirsten with Tyler's Mom, Rachel

The bride getting ready..

loved this gift for the bride and groom, such a pretty snow globe

with the flower girls.

introducing, Mr. and Mrs. Cantrell!
big smiles from the groom.

Walking down the aisle

Mother/Son Dance.

Sitting on Santa's Lap at the reception!


Doing the twist with Santa!

Santa's appearance was a surprise for the bride and groom!

first dance as husband and wife.

signing the marriage certificate

candid moment.

Congratulations, Kirsten and Tyler, we wish you the very best!!!


2 and a Half! Our Big Jude.

Our big boy is now 2 1/2! It amazes us how much difference we see after that half a year. He is now talking to us in sentences, has made a great effort with potty training (yesterday was one full day with no accidents in the big boy pants!!) He loves to color, sing, dance, stomp, pound nails with a hammer and take apart anything he can find in the barn. Here are some new pics from this foggy morning- I'd like to note this milestone as the first photo shoot he's had in his big boy pants! No more diapers!! (we hope!!)

when he's not getting teeth he's our happy boy who loves to laugh.

our little man

getting so big

love this one with the giant tree out there in the background


more dimples.

and even more of them! lol

his "serious side."


Jordan Family Photos

The Jordan family met us at Saint Joe on Sunday also. Here's a preview of their pics!

Every year I have a favorite and this year- I think this is the one! Love it!!!It's great in Sephia too. candid moment, hugs from the kiddos


Love these ones of the kids together! So adorable.

another favorite, look at the expression on little Gemma's face!

love this one of Jack laughing

Posing by the Christmas tree

What a sweet family!