Baby Maddox, Five Days Old!

We have a new baby nephew!!! I am very excited to share some pics of this super cute little man... and... his big sister! (note to friends and family- these pics are LOW resolution for faster uploading, they don't print well...- I'll bring you copies that are perfect!-- feel free to swipe them for facebook though!!)

this was the first one! Lexy knows how to smile for the camera!

Love this picture so much......How cute is this? Lexy pushing Maddox in a vintage baby carriage! love this smile. she is so proud!

Maddox smiles at Mommy.

Love this pic of Maddox and his dad

Maddox the day he was born!

A baby this cute is just perfect for snuggling!
love this one!

Daddy and Maddox..

eyes open!

love him!!!!

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