Maddox H. - 3 Months

This wasn't actually a photo session, lol. This is the little man I babysit for, and I have (ahem) a small problem with NOT picking up the camera.  It's nearly impossible not to photograph every waking moment this child has, he's cute stuff!  In fact- read his shirt- he's "whaley" cute.

this one melts me.  so adorable.
 serious face here, so precious.  

 a fall photo...

 love the colors on this one.
 what a pumpkin.
 he's looking at me here debating whether or not the camera is part of my arm.  you know, since he sees it so much, he's not sure.
 oh the adorable-ness.  if that's not a word, it should be.
maddox, you will melt the heart of many..

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