Rudy and Kristie: Married, Part 1!!!

I love all of these, so hang in there while I post a ton of pics.  lol.

I cannot believe how adorable this little family is!  How cute are the girls??!!!

so insanely romantic..

He caught her with a lasso!

I love this...

My heart stopped beating when I saw this one!  So awesome.  Love these people! 

Kristie walked up behind Rudy and this was his expression when he saw her for the first time... He drank her in head to toe and then squeezed her!  Love it!

This was right before they saw each other...  They stood on either side of the corner and held hands...
 I love this....

 Beautiful people!!

 Here's Kristie coming up behind him!

 A favorite!

 WOW!  Could they be any cuter?!? 

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