A Day in the Life: Blaine - Age 2

What do two year olds do all day?  
Many, many things... usually hundreds... in just a few hours.  haha!
I've decided that I'm starting my own series of "a day in the life" photos.
Toddlers don't love to pose, they love to live life without stopping- so it's best just to let them call the shots at a photo shoot!

Here's how Blaine spends his day.....

Dog huggin'
 Book readin'
 Truck movin'
 Noise Makin'
 kissy facin'
 tractor pullin'
 baby snugglin'
 snack pickin'
 art makin'
 elmo lovin'
 naked tool usin' 
 mom snugglin'
 that's how he spends his day!!!!!

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