Davis Family: Markus, Nicole and Ruby Jean.

As always I have too many favorites, this is so hard! I did my very best to narrow it down...

This is my favorite from the whole day- Ruby made this face all on her own, and it totally cracks me up each time I look at it!

Close up cutie she looks like Mommy and Daddy in this one!
Princess Ruby shares love with her princess friend in the mirror. lol
It's like a baby doll came to life among all the other toys!

look at that head tilt. HAM! Need I say more?

kisses for a special little girl

She's only going to be two, but she's already a great driver

lovin' this one!

cute father daughter moment

up, up and away!


Hurley Crew: Waitin' for Baby!

I had the opportunity to take some pics for the Hurley crew today.

They are one truly adorable family.I LOVE this picture! And I especially love it in black and white.

Everybody is excited and waiting for the little one!

Wish it hadn't been so sunny!!

But I still like this even with the eyes shut!

Kisses for Hope!

Can't wait to meet their new addition!

Congrats, Hurley Crew!!!!

Jordan's a Senior!!

Congrats to Jordan on being a senior this year!

love the drums

love this pic
love this one too

high contrast!

another favorite

Congrats, Jordan!!!


A Day in the Life of Baby Blaine. [6 months old]

Baby Blaine is 6 months old!!! He's a very busy little man with lots to do. Here's a sneak peek into the life of Blaine.

Beware of DROOL!

Is he cute, or what?!

loves spending time with Mommy!

He's such a happy little man!

Loves to put toys in his mouth, especially this cow here

Hanging out with Allie.

more drool!
Who's that handsome boy in the mirror?

smiley guy!

FAVORITE! Blaine hanging around the crib.

Blaine with his big Sissy, Ava.

I've got lots more to edit, but I hope you enjoyed the preview!


Photos by..... Maddie?! [10 Year Anniversary: J+C]

We've been married ten years and haven't had any recent pics of us, sooooo... I commissioned my six year old to take some pics for us. I have been training her for awhile now, explaining how to get a good shot and how to work the camera- and I'm pretty happy with these. Good Work, Maddie Bird! I'm glad she enjoys taking pictures as much as Momma does.

my favorite. lovin the high contrast.

love this one!

love this one too!

us being silly

can't believe we got married ten years ago! we are getting old!

more silliness.

Maybe someday I can hire Maddie to work with me!