Baby Karter: Absolutely Adorable!

I am not yet done editing, but these were so cute I had to put up a sneak peek!

Look at those shades! the happiest baby I ever met!

one of my favorites...

look at those eyes!

Karter loves his Mommy!



what a cutie pie!!!

Always a Favorite: The Gawthrop Family

I am absolutely lovin' this family hug! Hale shows us his happy face! cheeeeeese!

Hale inside the wheel on a John Deere Combine

Farmer Hale


this kid is ADORABLE.


great expression

how big is Hale?!

as always, we had a great time capturing moments with the Gawthrop Family.


Brotherly Cuteness: Daniel & Connor, Cuteness Runs in the Family

This is Daniel and his new baby brother, Connor.
Daniel is going to be 3 very soon. I remember when he was born how absolutely adorable he was, and now he has an adorable brother who looks so much like him!!
(oh yes, and scroll down to see cousin Ruby's pic as further proof that cuteness runs in the family)

kisses for Connor

Look at those eyes!I love baby toes!! what a sweet little man

lovin' this picture, definitely a favorite.

Need a ham? Daniel's the man! This kid can certainly ham it up for pics. lol

One very awesome little dude!

Daniel had a small accident while we were shooting.. it involved Mud and a white shirt.

But he's okay!

Davis Brothers (add one more and it would be like deja vu)

I once heard that Davis brothers come in groups of three.

Snugglin' up on Momma

More baby toes! little hands!

More Pics: Anna & Karina

More fun pics from Columbian Park with Anna and her darling daughter, Karina.

they look so much alike!

Lovin' the hair bow! cutie pie what a happy little girl!


Anna and Karina: At the Park!

I haven't edited all of their photos yet, but I wanted to give these two cute ladies a sneak peek at their pics!

Adorable Karina's toes... This little princess is almost 1!Karina loves her Mommy.And she looks just like mommy too! love this pic!

this is one very cute kid!!


Ruby Jean: Growin' like a (really cute) Weed.

Look at those cheeks.

-And those eyes!

Ruby, just a swingin'. Love this pic right here...

love this one too.

Ruby and Mommy

gorgeous Ruby

The most serious face this see-saw ever saw.

^look at those shoes there, too cute!

choosing my favorites was nearly impossible.

Ruby is cute in every pic.

I nearly uploaded forty, but talked myself out of it.

There are just too many adorable shots of this kid.

looking like a living cabbage patch doll!