Pratt Family Photos.

THIS IS... by far, an absolute favorite.. of all time.
Noah is C.U.T.E.

I love this one. It would make a cute jeans advertisement for The Children's Place.The happy mom and pop!
Christmas Tree! Another favorite of mine.


5 Available Sessions.

From now until December 20th, I have five available spots for photo sessions.
That's the closest we can get to Christmas and still have your images edited in time for Christmas cards. If you're looking to still do family photos, but not needing them before Christmas I have more days available in early January. :)


Steffen Family / Conrad Family

16 People officially makes this the largest family photo I've taken so far!
Look at these beautiful people!

ABF Photo.

We finally got it done, a group ABF Photo. (Adult bible fellowship)
There's a few people missing from this photo, but maybe we'll track them down for future sessions! ;)